About this time last year, I started a collaborative short story blog named “Pics and It Didn’t Happen”, a home for fictional accounts based on real pictures. I originally envisioned the blog as a place to combine the photographic talents of my friends with the short story equivalent of rough sketches, simple stream of consciousness pieces that were posted with little to no editing and no barriers on content.

In theory, I still think this is a pretty good idea for private writing exercises, but as a public blog I ran into a few issues.

  1. The iterative writing process exists for a reason, a writer should not encourage people to read stories at their worst.
  2. Somewhere in the last two decades, writing competitions caught up with technology, in that they now consider a story on a blog to be published, at least for the sake of only accepting unpublished stories
  3. As a platform, Pics and It Didn’t Happen turned out to be a bit limited. I couldn’t really write a serialized story, a story inspired by a song instead of a picture, or even a post just containing my thoughts and feelings.

So, with that in mind, I’m launching my own wordpress blog. Eventually, I’ll probably deep dive into the code and make thing a bit fancier, but for now I’m going to focus more on writing and less on site management.

I’m planning on putting out more refined versions of stories that are on one blog or another, I’ll also do a small amount of just-for-the-blog original content, and I’ll be able to write personal things, like opinion pieces, reviews of things, and the trial and tribulations of contests and publication.

So this is Fred as a writer 2.0, or 3.0, or maybe even 5.0. Whatever it is, it’s a new step on my journey as a writer and a person, so I’m glad you’re on the path with me.



What do you think?

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