Tabletop Review: Diamonsters


  • Game: Diamonsters
  • Play Time: 15-30 Minutes
  • Challenge Rating: 3/10
  • Level of Competition: 1/10
  • Pros: Really fast, easy to learn, cute art, friendly game
  • Cons: The challenge stems entirely from the people you play against, so your caliber of playmates can effect the replay value.
  • Overall Rating: 7/10

Detailed Review:

I picked up Diamonsters on my last Dragon’s Lair run for three simple reasons. I liked the box art, on the cover it said “From the makers of Machi Koro”, and my wife also thought it looked like fun. Machu Koro happens to be one of my favorite games that I’ve played this year, so that was the strongest selling point.

Diamonsters is incredibly simple to learn and play. So simple, in fact, that hardcore tabletop gamers might be a bit turned off. The goal is to collect plastic diamonds, which do by matching up cards in front of you that you win through fast paced bidding. If I’m not explaining it well, just play around. I promise you’ll pick it up quickly.

In my experience, each round (winning a round earns you a diamond) takes less than five minutes to play. If you have two players with a similar betting style the game may run longer, but I’d still be surprised if you managed to stretch a single game to over an hour without taking some type of break.

The real challenge comes from learning and adapting to your opponents betting style, and then changing your style to confound them. The game is entirely about advancing your own interest as opposed to taking aggressive actions against your opponents. This, combined with the ultra fast run time, makes Diamonsters a great game for families, parties, and times when your don’t feel like hating your friends.


What do you think?

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