A quick state of the blog post

Hey folks,

Just wanted to address a few things real quick.

  1. “Sibling Rivalry” made it to the Mashstories short list(!) which means you can read it at the linky-link, leave comments, and even rate the story on different components such as character and language. There are some other cool stories on the list, so if you want some free reading, check it out. (related, this story inadvertently spawned a whole writing universe, tentatively titled Psychomachina, so look for more stories with this category soon-ish)
  2. I’ve recently found myself more active at Terrible Minds, Chuck Wendig’s blog / writing community. If you’re joining us from there: Welcome, new compatriots!
  3. I have discovered selectedTweets, so most of my FB posts will be 137 characters or less. #fb.
  4. Someday I’ll remember what I wanted to actually put at #3

Anyway, thanks for reading. Hopefully we’ll have a new story coming soon.


What do you think?

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