State of the Blog: 08 Sept 2015

Hey folks,

Just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive and things are going well even though it’s been a little quiet on the main page.

Untitled and Unfocused should return in a week or two, and Becca and I should have a lot to talk about.

I’ve got two reviews coming soon, Wesley Chu’s The Lives of Tao, and Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath. Hope you allĀ are enjoying them, as I’ve got at least another ten on the way. I mean, not written, but books that I want to read and write about.

I’ve got one short story making its way around the publishing world, happily collecting rejections, and a short that I’ll workshop to death and be ready to send out in a few months. Other than that, I’ll be working on the big Work In Progress, and I’ll try to keep at least something up here once every week or two.

In other news, I’ve tinkered with the site a bit, changing the wordpress theme, making it a bit easier to find types of content, and adding some links to social media. Let me know what you think of it!

That’s all for now. Have a good one!

— FY


3 thoughts on “State of the Blog: 08 Sept 2015

    1. Thanks!
      I’ve tried a couple of methods for workshopping. I’ve used password controlled entries on this blog, a private Facebook group of my writers friends, and I’ve recently found a local small writing group where we meet in person. With the story that I’m currently shopping around, I brought it to the Writer’s Workshop at Armadillocon, which was amazing because I got detailed feedback from four other aspiring authors and two professional (published) authors.


      1. That sounds like you’ve got a lot of input coming from different directions. All useful stuff. I’ve been using the Scribophile site a lot in the last year and managed to persuade a couple of readers to look at a whole novel that I’m working on. I’m hoping to pitch it to a publisher in January.


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