Inkshares: Space Operas and Pitches

So, a few weeks ago, I found out about this great opportunity for new / unpublished / indie published authors. Nerdist Industries has partnered with Geek and Sundry and Inkshares in order to publish books. Woo! You can read more about my initial reactions in my State of the Blog post from the beginning of the month, including my plan to write a review of a pitched book every week.

Unfortunately, life intervened. And by life, I mostly mean my novel. The big Work in Progress, the reason why I haven’t been posting much here or anywhere, the reason I barely see anyone or do anything. It looks like I’ll be able to finish this draft by the end of March, and maybe get a chance to do a few other things for a while.

So, no detailed reviews of pitches and first chapters. But I can, at the very least, do my best to bring some attention to some of the books that I pre-ordered. I don’t know any of these authors personally or professionally, and I don’t gain much if you pre-order them*.

*If you click through the links on the blog and pre-order there, I’ll get referral credit. If that offends you, you can just go to the inkshares site and search by the title and I won’t get anything. Your call.

Ok, so now to the meat of the post. Here’s the three books that are part of the contest, pitched to me, and seemed interesting. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

The Guardians : The Veiled Hope

by Abigail Burton and Autumn Gass

“Rayne Tekbli has a family honor to uphold, but it all comes crashing down on her when she is paired with the most unlikely of Guardian material to ever grace the halls of the Dorcini Academy. Spies, space battles, and comic antics ensue.”

Artum: Immortal Legacy

by Micah Baker

“Karran Willher must cross the galaxy with a woman he’s never met—dealing with pirates, fanatics, and corrupt planetary governments along the way—to find and kill his father for making him immortal. And because it’s his job.”

The Revenant

by Christina Feindel

“The Revenant was supposed to turn the tide of the war. Instead it was lost. Ten years later, a woman on the run will find it.”


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