Photo Friday: Prisma: The app-ening

So, as some of you know, my wife’s been traveling quite a bit over the last few weeks. This left me with a dangerous amount of time on my hands, and last weekend, rather than do something productive or any of the things I owed people, I downloaded an app called Prisma that basically uses machine learning to turn photographs into digital art patterned off of famous painting styles. I proceeded to spend most of my time taking or prisma-ing photos, with the results mostly below the cut.

Not sure why the most recent ones are small, might have something to do with the update they posted recently.

A flower in fredricksburg. This was one of my favorite primsa-ings


Four Freds: At this point I had posted too many selfies so I bunched some together.

This is weirdly one of my favorites.

Same photo as above, different filter. Gotta love those baby blues.

Succulent from the garden

Doge was startled by the closeness of this picture

More fredricksburg flowers. This time with a stained glass motif

Mah frends, looking a bit cartoonish

Vines growing over a satellite in a rainstorm

Same satellite, different filter

A further back view, kind of a natural reclamation / post apocalyptic feel to me.

a bit of dessert

What do you think?

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