Back in Business

*hits switch*

*dusts and sweeps furiously while blog flickers back to life*

Hey everybody! Long time no see.

I guess it’s been about three months since I’ve posted anything here. Kind of a shame, since I was doing so well on regular posts leading up to that. To make things up to you, I’m going to end this post with an adorable dog photo.

Here are couple of reasons that I’ve gone:

  1. This is kind of the big one, in general. Some folks I’ve told in person, some might have seen Siobhan’s FB post, and other people are finding out right now, and I’m sorry for that, but I’m bad at peopling. Siobhan and I are getting a divorce. Yeah, for real. I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but it is happening, it is amicable, and I think we’ll both be better in the long run. If you’re super keen on getting details, seek me out in a one on one space and I’ll fill you in a bit more.
  2. Kind of a subset of 1. I’m working on getting the house in salable condition. This has meant a lot of packing, working with contractors, and cleaning. Not a lot of free time left for writing blog posts
  3. I did go to Viable Paradise XX in October. I still owe myself a more detailed blog post, but the TLDR version is that I had a great time, I found my writer tribe, and my passion for my writing career has been invigorated. I’ve got plans, kid. PLANS. Stories will be told. Writing will be done. I’ve been spending what little time I have getting my novel also in salable condition.

That pretty much sums up my last three months, and gives you a bit of a glimpse into the future. I’ve grown to despise New Year’s Resolutions (I can never stick to them), but since it’s well past the first, here’s a couple of things I’d like to do for the next little while:

Weekly blog posts: Might be a Flash Fiction Challenge, might be a Photo Friday, might be a rant or review or recap of something cool. But I want to post something here at least once a week.

Post a Con schedule: I’m going to be at soooooo many conventions this year, y’all. And if you know where I’m at, you might be able to stop by and say hi.

Writing progress bar(s): Accountability! If I’m doing this right, you’ll be able to see what I’m working on and how fast I’m going. Just need to figure out the best way to implement this.

Activism: If there’s ever a year to be part of the Rebel Alliance, it’s this one.

Anyway, thanks for reading. You should be hearing from me again, and soon

— FGY —

*flips sign on blog door to “OPEN”*

We’re back, baby.

As promised, one adorable pup

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