PAX South: The PAXening

This weekend the fine folks at Penny Arcade brought their expo to San Antonio. I can’t always make it to Seattle or Boston, but South is close enough that I’ve got no excuse not to go, and this makes two years I’ve gone and two years I’ve had a great time.

This year’s highlights included live D&D, a sneak peak at an awesome web series, a mental health gaming charity, board games, and of course, a lot of cosplay.

First impressions below the break

Acquisitions Inc:

Pat Rothfuss, Mike & Jerry, and amazing guest Morgan Webb went on an excellent adventure led by GM extraordinaire Chris Perkins. We laughed, we cried, we sat on the edge of our seats, and we laughed some more.

Waiting in line for several hours ranked low on my list of experiences, but it was definitely worth it. I’m now interested in 5th ed D&D, and Chris makes me want to be a better GM. All in all, A+, Five Stars.



Automata the Series:


Almost two years ago PA announced a live action adaptation of one of my favorite side series of their comics. This weekend I got to see a rough cut the first of their five webisodes.

Thirties noir with robots. Perfect Fred catnip. The CG was amazing, the sound mix needed a bit of work but still had the right sound, and the actors channeled the genre and the timeframe. It was also inspiring to hear the story of hard work and dedication that brought that film to life. I really hope they get picked up for a full series once the web series is released.


Most of the extraneous money I spent this weekend went into games. I mean, I really wanted to spend an exorbitant amount on dice and dice related accessories. Full reviews of the games I bought to come.

  • Paperback: (from the same people that did Burgle Bros) basically a scrabble based deck builder. It was enough fun that I bought the game a few rounds into the demo.
  • Dice of Crowns: A fast paced, fun little backstabbery game that fits in an altoids tin. Another that hit the right spot for impulse purchase.
  • There was a giant King of Tokyo game. I didn’t buy it, but it was worth noting. Small child in the photo for size reference.



Anxiety Gaming:

I attended the Anxiety Gaming ( panel with no prior knowledge of who they were or what they did. I left having found a charity worth time, money, and dedication. From their website:

Anxiety Gaming is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing mental health resources for the gaming community. From donating video game consoles to foster homes, to matching gamers with the perfect therapist, to completely covering the cost of mental health care for those that couldn’t otherwise afford it. We’ve made mental health fun, free, and available to over 23,000 gamers all over the globe.

They do good work. The people on the panel were earnest. The audience listened. Some folks cried. I might have teared up at a point or two here or there. Shit struck home. Lots of nodding along as stories were told. Hopefully my next post about them will include work that I’m doing to help them out.


People brought their A game, cosplay wise. Basically any time I wasn’t doing something specific, I wandered the halls playing Cosplay Hunter. I took a few hundred photos, loaded ninety of them into my flickr account, and posted nine of my favorites below. The junk rat photo is supposed to be an embedded album? but I’m not sure I made it work. If it doesn’t, you can click through to get the full set. There’s some great stuff there, people did amazing work.


Pax South 2017 Cosplay


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