Spring Cleaning

Hi folks!

Another quick update. I’ve update the look/feel of the blog a little bit, and removed a few of the no longer relevant things (like Ello, and the link to Podcasts that will only go up when I start publishing podcasts again)

In somewhat exciting news, I get to find out on Monday if I get to have PRK or not, and if so, when. For those with good eyesight and/or no interest in more permanent correction, PRK is the version of LASIK / laser eye surgery  that’s safer for people with thin corneas, but has a longer recovery period. I’ve been wanting laser eye surgery since my mid twenties, so having the time and money line up with my prescription stabilizing is a good thing.

Besides that, I’m making progress on short stories and editing passes. I actually wrote something for the latest Chuck Wendig challenge, but I’ve still got to decide if I want to post it or keep revising it and sending it out. I love the challenges, and the community on that blog, but I also need good stories that I can send out. It’s a weird spot in my writing life.

That’s most of what’s going on for now. Thanks for stopping by and hope you’re having a great day/week/month/year!

Peace – FGY



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