Music Monday: Jukebox the Ghost “Stay the Night”

Hey folks!

It’s been a little quiet on the blog front, so I’m trying out a new feature: Music Mondays!

I’m going to do my best to find one song a week to showcase, probably one that I’m loving listening too this year. It could be a song from any year (spoiler: week after next is going to be from 2005).

This week is the new single from Jukebox The Ghost called Stay the Night. It’s a delightfully poppy song about a booty call that at least one person involved wants to be more.  This song hits a lot of the upbeat checklist for me (simple and kinda goofy, quick clap rhythm, and dramatic piano) but I think the thing that clinched it for me was the Queen style breakdown at the end.



Anyway, I’m loving it and wanted y’all to be aware it exists. (And I’m testing if the share feature of wordpress will embed video) (spoiler: it doesn’t)



What do you think?

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