Music Monday: Rattatat

Hi all!

It’s time for another October edition of Music Monday. This week is Rattatat by Five Knives. It’s October-y because… uh.. knives are scary? Fine. I think at this point I’m abandoning my premise, at least for a week. This song is just fun.

It’s a song about lady gangsters, man. Fucking catchy, and I really like the lead vocalist’s voice. I don’t know exactly what it is about it, but it really resonates with me. And of course, it’s another great song for writing / visualization. Somewhere in one of my stories, a heroine, or anti-heroine, is going to have this as her intro music. Yes, my characters get into music. Don’t yours?

Anyway, this is a killer workout song. Definitely high energy, got a badass feel to it. It’s also good coding music, in case that’s more your style. Probably decent bank robbing music, come to think of it, though you probably shouldn’t admit if that’s your jam.

Anyway, let me know in the comments what you think! Just don’t let me know if you’re going to commit any crimes. Believe me, there’s no such thing as blogger / commenter confidentiality.


What do you think?

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