Fred G. Yost has dabbled in writing for the last fifteen+ years in his spare moments between school and work. He became serious about writing in the last three years, starting with the Armadillocon Writer’s Workshop in 2015. Fred attended the Viable Paradise workshop in October 2016 and is a proud member of VP20/VPXX.

He loves science fiction and fantasy, to the point of getting a Neil Gaiman inspired half sleeve tattoo on one arm and an Asimov/Gibson inspired half sleeve on the other.

In his spare time Fred plays video games, watches movies, but above all loves tabletop games and pen & paper RPGs.

In his writing, Fred focuses on addiction, PTSD, mental illness, and the belief that everyone deserves to have their story told. He writes science fiction and fantasy, mostly with a hint of noir.

Fred is active on twitter (@waidr) and can be reached at fredgyostwrites [at] gmail[.]com



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