A #PetsOfWonder Photo Contest!

Hi Folks!

Long time no blog. I’d say I promise to do this more, but that’s not really the point of this post. The point of this post is… puppies!

img_7722 Well, puppies, and kitties, and snecks, and more importantly, books. Or, one book in particular. Right at a month ago, your not-so-humble narrator got himself published in a little anthology known as Skies of Wonder, Skies of Danger: Stories of Airships, Pirates, and Wizards.

This book has it all. Excitement! Adventure! Magic! Romance! Werewolves! More werewolves! Thirteen stories by twelve really great authors and one me-who-might-be-really-great-too.

To celebrate our one month book birthday, I’ve decided to do a twitter photo contest that I thought would be fun. I present to you: #PetsOfWonder.

The rules are pretty simple:

  1. Aquire a copy (e-book or paperback) of Skies Of Wonder
  2. Own a pet (stuffed animals and pet rocks totally count)
  3. Take a picture of your pet reading Skies of Wonder
  4. Post that picture to Twitter with the hashtag #PetsOfWonder by Wednesday 25 July 2018, 11:59PM US/Central

On Thursday the 26th, I’ll randomly draw a winner, who will have their choice of either:

  • A print of our awesome cover art!
  • A stylish Skies of Wonder bookmark
  • A paperback copy of the book, signed by myself

That’s it! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. Otherwise, I hope to see your glorious #petsOfWonder this week!


Thanks-Giving Dress-ing Giveaway

Hey folks!

My buddy Lilia AKA Western Whims just funded her Kickstarter for making awesome dresses and western shirts. Part of my reward tier was 4 DRESSES WITH POCKETS (available in XS-5X, and in 7 different prints)  that I don’t actually need for myself. Soooooo…. I’m going to give them away. But not just to anyone. Nope, in the spirit of the season, I’m turning this into a donate-to-charity raffle!

( Link to the super cute dresses picture on Kickstarter)

Want to enter? Here’s what you do:

  1. Live in the continental United States, or have someone stateside that that can ship it to you
  2. Donate at least $5 to one of the below charities (sorry if your favorite isn’t there, but I don’t feel like trying to decide what should and shouldn’t count on a one on one basis)
  3. Send proof of your donation to yostworks [at] gmail [dot] com by 23:59 (11:59 PM) US/Central on Nov 23 2017 with the subject line: Thanks-Giving Dress-ing Giveaway
  4. Be willing to give me your address for shipping purposes (but only if you win because I really don’t want your address otherwise)
  5. (not required, but nice) If you work for a company that matches charitable donations, request a match!

On Friday, November 24th, 2017, I’ll do two drawings with two winners each (for a total of 4 winners). In the first, everyone that has donated gets an equal chance to win. In the second, every increment of $5 gets you another entry in the drawing.

Available charities:

More info on the dresses:

A cotton jersey skater dress that hits above the knee with cap sleeves & pockets. The material is a medium weight 95% cotton 5% spandex jersey and will come in seven color options. Also… THEY HAVE POCKETS!!! They’re perfect for work, going out, and lounging around fashionably.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 7.05.40 PM

If you have any questions, leave a comment on this post.

— Fred Y.

A simple MacOS daily word count automator

Hey folks!

****** UPDATE ******


Long time no update. Music Monday and Photo Fridays will be returning. I’d mostly just forgotten how far out I scheduled them and kept forgetting to set up more. But that’s not what this post is about, so we’ll get to that later.

At the end of every month I post my accountability update (a monthly view of the word tracker which I got from http://inkhaven.net/2017/01/2017-word-count-tracker-is-here/). This last time, a few folks mentioned wanting to track their daily counts automatically, and since I’ve been getting into AppleScript again for unrelated reasons, I decided to take a stab at it.

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Small steps

Hey gang!

Just doing a quick check in to keep up with my promise last post to try and update more. So far things are going at a pretty good clip. I’ve added a WiP tracker, and a section for my upcoming cons and other events. 

In non-blog news, I’m traveling this week, so there might be some winter wonderland type photos on my twitter soon. 

Once I get back, I’m going to post my review of Tak. (Short version: It’s a hell of a game and you should play it) and maybe one of Wizard Dodgeball too. 

For now, here’s a photo of the lovely Tak board from Wyrmwood. 

Peace, love, and rebellion,

– FGY –

Inkshares: Space Operas and Pitches

So, a few weeks ago, I found out about this great opportunity for new / unpublished / indie published authors. Nerdist Industries has partnered with Geek and Sundry and Inkshares in order to publish books. Woo! You can read more about my initial reactions in my State of the Blog post from the beginning of the month, including my plan to write a review of a pitched book every week.

Unfortunately, life intervened. Continue reading “Inkshares: Space Operas and Pitches”


Chunk Wendig posted a challenge last Friday. A non-fiction essay, no more than 1000 words, about why we write.

The short answer is: I write because I have stories in my head and I write because of a life long love of reading. See, there we go, all nice and wrapped up in less than fifty words.

But… that’s not the whole story, not really. For the whole story, we have to go back in time almost thirty years, and you’ll have to indulge me in accepting the truth of the memoir. (Events happened mostly like this, but we’re relying on my rather shaky remembrances)

When people ask me what my first real memory is, I tell them about a nightmare that I had when I was three or four. My parents read me to me every night since I learned to crawl, and that night was no exception. The book of the night was the classic story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. I listened raptly to the tale of a hungry wolf and three brother’s attempt to escape him. I was spellbound, but I felt a dark seed worm its way into my imagination. For you see, I was an anxious child, and preschool was only a few weeks away.

That night, I dreamt of my first day of school, but the wolf followed close. When we were let out for recess, spread far and wide, the wolf attacked and I ran and I ran, but the other kids ran faster. I was almost at the schoolhouse door when I saw the look of terror on the teacher’s face, the same instant I felt the wolf’s shadow fall over me. She slammed the door, sacrificing me to save the other children.

I woke up screaming.

My cries disturbed my parents, so my father came in to check on me. In between wailing sobs, I told him what was wrong. He smiled sympathetically, telling me there was nothing to fear, that it was a dream, and a story. Just a story. He wrapped me up in a bear hug. Nothing could comfort me. So he told me a new story, one of heffalumps and woozles that fought wolves and protected young children.

I calmed down. I went back to sleep. I learned the protective power of stories.

I tell people that’s my first memory because it’s a good one, but my first memory is of a plate shattering just a little too close to my head, thrown by one of my parents at the wall I happened to be cowering against as they fought. I’m positive they didn’t know I was there until I screamed in terror.

Many people have had it worse than I did. I always knew I was loved. They never blamed me for what they were going through. But they fought. Constantly. Come to think of it, that might explain why I grew up with mostly plastic cups. But I digress. This is just a variation on the same old story, kid has a not so spectacular home life, kid escapes into books.

And escape I did. I read voraciously. My parents learned to fear the scholastic book-fair. My mom got a job at a book store, mostly so she could bring me home stacks of stripped books because they couldn’t afford to keep up with my reading habit. I almost got run over while walking home in fifth grade, reading the collected Dragonlance Chronicles.

Time passed, and I realized these books did more than help me escape. They taught me the basics of learning (Imagine having to explain to your eight year old that he needed to look for context clues to figure out what “disemboweled” meant). They taught me to face my fears. They taught me to question.

I write to bring my fears into the open. I write to adventure into the unknown. I write to raise questions. I write because I can’t not write.

There are undiscovered worlds out there, waiting for us to find them. Technology and society are growing in changing in ways we can never predict. We need new tales, new interpretations, new voices.

I write because I’m sitting with the world around a campfire, telling tales to keep the shadows at bay.

A Bit o’ Wendig Wisdom

Your excuses are not interesting. Your fear is not valuable. Your doubt is killing you. Hold your nose and dive the fuck in.

– Chuck Wendig

I came across this quote on twitter, and retweeted it like a good tweep, but twitter is a fleeting moment, a moving stream. Twitter is impermanence. There’s a good chance this will be at the top of my blog for a week or more, and I can do fun things like tag it, and give it a category.

Not only that, but it gives me a chance to ask you a question, mostly-empty-echo-chamber. What motivates you? What’s the best quote about creativity that you’ve heard? Sound off in the comments.

Manliness and Injury

Today I told a coworker how I injured my back, and another coworker chimed in that it was a super manly way to get hurt, better than throwing your back out while jogging on the treadmill or something.

I know he meant it as a compliment, but I have a bit of a problem with this. Manly shouldn’t equal stupid. I hurt myself by lifting too much weight and not using the proper form. Even worse, deep down, I knew it was too much weight before I tried, but I lifted it anyway because I didn’t want to admit that I couldn’t do it.

I got hurt because of pride and stupidity. I didn’t get it looked at by a doctor for two weeks because I’m stubborn. Manliness (in the way this guy seemed to be using it) is pushing yourself to the limits, but knowing when you’ve met them. Manliness is knowing when to walk away. Manliness is admitting that it’s too much.

So my point is, folks, don’t be afraid to walk away. Don’t let your lizard almonds control you. Be safe. Back injuries suck. Let me make the mistake so you don’t have to. Just don’t say it’s manly.