Flash Fiction Challenge: The Tunnel Beneath

Time for another challenge from Terribleminds. This time, I needed to pick a random image and write a short story about it. This is the image I settled on. Here’s the story. Hope you like it! 

Silent footfalls on matted leaves, still damp with the final rains of autumn. A body, passing quietly through the skeletal trees, no crack of twigs or branches disturbed to alert any watchers above. Rusted metal binding oak still clotted with rich earth.

Jade smiled as the ancient wooden door slid open without a single creak, exposing a rough dirt tunnel leading deep into the darkness.

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This story is brought to you by FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE: THE DEAD BODY at Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds. This is the 4th Jade Leporidae story (preceded by Fall Girl, Holding Pattern, and Take Out. Hope you like it! — FY

Jade drew a rattling breath as she found herself forced once more into the world of the living. She wondered about the condition of her lungs as she struggled with the inhalation. She didn’t remember Caporelli knives near her chest this time, but she couldn’t account for the time between passing out and her heart finally stopping. Still, her lungs felt fine, just heavy, like something was pressing down on her. Sticky blood covered her face, too moist to be her own, to dry to be from a fresh wound. She gagged as the right nerves reattached themselves and the smell of death flooded her nose. The weight had to be a body. Jade gathered all of her strength and pushed the corpse off with a grunt.

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Stories from the Slush Pile: Fall Girl

This is technically my second Jade Leporidae story, though it was the first one where I named her, or even gave her an identity. The first is up on Pics and It Didn’t Happen, which means it is in desperate need of a re-write. Jade’s one of those characters that I have an entire arc written for, though I’d love to see it as a graphic novel. All I need to do is raise enough money to pay an artist or find one willing and able to do it for free. So, yeah, pay one. Though I should probably write the script first. — FY

Fall Girl

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Take Out

“It is not uncommon to get melancholy when it rains.” Murphy read aloud as Jade savored the sweet but slightly stale taste of her fortune cookie. “In bed.”

“Uh huh.” Jade responded distractedly.

Murphy looked at her with concern. “What’s the matter, Jade? You still worried about that thing with the cops?”

She turned her attention to her driver. “Yes. No. I don’t know. It’s the job tonight. Something doesn’t feel right.”

“That’s because it’s raining. You’re melancholy and that’s perfectly normal.” The young man nodded solemnly. “The cookie said so.”

Jade stood up to start pacing. “Tonight’s the last gig. We split the money and we walk away.”

Murphy laughed. “You always say that.”

“I mean it. No more. I think the mob lieutenants are starting to talk amongst themselves, and we’re running out of syndicates to go under cover in.” She turned her back to him. She didn’t want to see his reaction. “You’re staying here tonight. I don’t want none of that ‘killed the last day on the job’ B.S..”

Murphy grabbed her shoulder, turning her to face him. “I’m not leaving you alone. You could get hurt.”

Jade smiled sadly as she pointed to the half mended shirt lying on the table, riddled with bullet holes. “No. I can’t.”

“That’s not the p…” Murphy blinked. “What… what was I saying?” A look of despair crossed his face as he slumped into his chair. “What did you do?”

Jade picked up his styrofoam cup, inhaling deeply. The sharp smell of his soda covered up the faint odor of the powder. “Hush up, Murph. Just lay down and take a nap.”

“But you’re…” He trailed off, blinking heavily.

“This is how it goes. You’ll wake up and I’ll be gone. Your half of the money will be here. You’ll go back to the real world, get a real job, meet real people.” She kissed his forehead, knowing the touch of her lips would be his last waking memory of her.

She ignored the faint sound of snoring as she walked out the door, one errant tear fighting its way down her cheek. “Maybe someday, when it rains, you’ll think of me. You might even get melancholy. I hear that’s not uncommon.”

Holding Pattern – My first short listed story

Hello, lovely readers!

I just got word this morning that one of my stories is now on the Mash Stories competition shortlist.

So if you want to help out your humble narrator, please read my story and, if you like it or just want to help me out, click the Kudos / green thumbs up button at the top. Or, if you want, just leave me a comment about what you did / didn’t like.

Once you’ve done that, feel free to peruse the other stories on the list and do the same for them.

Even if I don’t win the top prize, being shortlisted means that it will be read and recorded by voice actors and released in podcast form. I’m counting that as a win in and of itself.

Thanks again, hope to hear what you think!