100 Word Wednesday: Home Is Where The Heart Was

He purchased the first sentient house for only a quarter million, second hand.

Everything worked like new, but it had its quirks. The house got snarky, almost jealous. People tended to visit once and never stop by again.

He enjoyed the new house so much he didn’t really think about his dwindling circle of friends, not until the night the AI finally told him it loved him, standing in his living room in a body built from all of his favorite parts of them.


100 Word Wednesday: Squish

The realization struck Jack moments before the foot did. People feared giants for the wrong reasons. Cruelty drove the towering creatures no more the average human, and less than most. Attracting their attention meant a person may be studied for a few terrifying moments, but almost always released unharmed.

No, Jack thought as he stared at the thirty feet of foot coming down towards him, there was far more to fear from the obliviousness of powerful beings.

100 Word Wednesday: Champion

Brandon lorded over the mountain slope, basking in the pale light of the March sun. He knew this was his big break. First he’d ace this course, then he’d win the national championship, then the Olympics. Fortune, fame, independence. No more living in his parents’ basement.

A few feet ahead, Ms Winstrom waved at him. “Don’t forget Brandon, first graders will be going down the green circle trail, and we’ll all be meeting for cocoa at the lodge when everyone’s done.”

Of course, first he’d have to learn how to ski.

100 Word Wednesday: Follow the Leader

Sam stared at the grotesque creature standing over her, meeting its sad eyes.

“Follow me. I know the way home.”

The entire planet seemed deserted, the monster could eat her here as easily as anywhere. She shrugged and followed.

They traveled endless years through endless desert. She felt herself change, her body adapting to each challenge.

Eventually the thing led her back to the sandstone temple and flew away, smiling.

Inside sat a girl, familiar as her own reflection.

She looked down at the tiny pink thing, unable to hide her disappointment.

“Follow me. I know the way home.”

One Hundred Word Wednesday: Wish You Were Here

They hailed us as explorers, the first new colonists in centuries.

We paraded ourselves in front of cameras. We competed, we cried, we said our goodbyes.

The journey took ages. We worked impossible hours once we arrived.

The first death happened in months.The rest were eaten one by one.

I’m all that’s left. I learned the truth.

The natives were hungry.

The ones that sent us made contact, and a contract to send food every four years.

I’m the last one left. There’s no one to tell but this card.

Greetings from Roanoke Colony, Mars.