Stories from the Slush Pile: Fall Girl

This is technically my second Jade Leporidae story, though it was the first one where I named her, or even gave her an identity. The first is up on Pics and It Didn’t Happen, which means it is in desperate need of a re-write. Jade’s one of those characters that I have an entire arc written for, though I’d love to see it as a graphic novel. All I need to do is raise enough money to pay an artist or find one willing and able to do it for free. So, yeah, pay one. Though I should probably write the script first. — FY

Fall Girl

“I’m sorry, Ms. Leporidae, this is where you die.” The grizzled bald man pressed the barrel of the shotgun against her chest. Continue reading “Stories from the Slush Pile: Fall Girl”


Stories from the Slush Pile: Job Fair

As stories get rejected from various contests and publications, I’ll be posting them here for folks to read. This first one is one of the few stand alone pieces I’ve written, and one of my favorites. — FY

Job Fair

The auditorium of Corinthian Community College buzzed with activity, people of all shapes and sizes vying for space at the interview tables. A large man in an average suit absentmindedly waved away a young woman.

“You’ll hear from us in two to four weeks if we decide an additional interview is needed.” He crumpled her application and threw it over his shoulder into a large pile. “Next!”

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