A Quick Check In

Good day, friends, fans, and loyal listeners!

A few quick updates

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PAX South: The PAXening

This weekend the fine folks at Penny Arcade brought their expo to San Antonio. I can’t always make it to Seattle or Boston, but South is close enough that I’ve got no excuse not to go, and this makes two years I’ve gone and two years I’ve had a great time.

This year’s highlights included live D&D, a sneak peak at an awesome web series, a mental health gaming charity, board games, and of course, a lot of cosplay.

First impressions below the break

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A long way of saying

Hey everybody!

No flash fiction challenge today, or photos, or anything like that. Just some thoughts that I figured I’d jot down and send off into the ether. Part of why I want to be a writer is to help folks when they’re feeling down, let them know they aren’t alone, especially when it comes to fun things like anxiety or depression, so it really doesn’t do much good if I clam up when things get dark in my own brain spaces, even though the fact I can write about it at all means that I’m heading towards the light, so to speak.

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Armadillocon 38: A rambling account of a great weekend.

For those of you that don’t know, this last weekend I went to Armadillocon 38. If you’ve never been to or heard of Armadillocon, it’s described on their website as “Austin’s Literary Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention”, but that doesn’t feel right. It’s a little dry. No, it’s an amazing event for writers and fans of genre/speculative fiction, full of energy and fun and love of the craft. It’s like slamming two Monster energy drinks, running two miles, and then laying in a field of hypoallergenic fluffy bunnies.

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Mental Health Awareness Month pt 2: The Cacophony

Just under the wire, here’s another post for Mental Health Awareness Month. I wrote something similar to it over a year ago in a now-defunct blog called “That time I stopped drinking” which was supposed to chronicle my journey into sobriety, but honestly just made me think about drinking too much. For some mental health resources check out http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/may

As painfully cliche as it sounds, my journey with alcohol started as a way to fit in. Everyone else was doing it, so why not me, right? I’ve never done anything in moderation, so it quickly escalated to day drinking and failing out of college.

“But that’s everyone in college!” you might be thinking. Maybe. But it never really went away even when I got older. Every time I stopped, and I thought I had it under control, it would ramp right back up again. I’d be at five or six drinks on a normal night and not think anything of it. I never knew why I could’t make moderation stick, until I quit the latest time.

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Mental Health Awareness Month: Roll to save vs Anxiety

So, I apparently missed that it’s been Mental Health Awareness Month for 29 days. Observant, I am not, especially when I’m in the middle of a writing push, but at least I didn’t miss it completely.

As most of you know, I’ve got anxiety. This anxiety likely stems from childhood PTSD as well as just my unique brain chemistry. I’ve got a wide range of coping mechanisms that seem to be doing a pretty decent job, but since I’ve stopped self medicating with boozamahol I’ve been a lot less social than I used to be ( but that’s another story). One of my few remaining social outings is a “supposed to be weekly but winds up happening once or twice a month” Pathfinder game that I GM. (For those of you that don’t follow pen & paper RPGs, Pathfinder is a D&D 3.5 variant)

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