Music Monday: Jukebox the Ghost “Stay the Night”

Hey folks!

It’s been a little quiet on the blog front, so I’m trying out a new feature: Music Mondays!

I’m going to do my best to find one song a week to showcase, probably one that I’m loving listening too this year. It could be a song from any year (spoiler: week after next is going to be from 2005).

This week is the new single from Jukebox The Ghost called Stay the Night. It’s a delightfully poppy song about a booty call that at least one person involved wants to be more.  This song hits a lot of the upbeat checklist for me (simple and kinda goofy, quick clap rhythm, and dramatic piano) but I think the thing that clinched it for me was the Queen style breakdown at the end.



Anyway, I’m loving it and wanted y’all to be aware it exists. (And I’m testing if the share feature of wordpress will embed video) (spoiler: it doesn’t)


Kubo and the Two Strings: A Review

Once every week or so, a friend comes over to my house for a long standing movie/tv night with the roommates. I’ve occasionally skipped out if I’ve had other things going on, missed an episode or two of the series they’ve been watching, or have placed writing time (productive) over movie time (consumptive). This week is a week that I’m glad I did not skip out. This was the week we watched a charming film called Kubo and the Two Strings. Continue reading

On Social Expectations and Sushi

This tale, like most, requires a bit of backstory. Thanks to my ongoing eye struggles, I spent the day working from home instead of in the office. Also thanks to my ongoing eye struggles, I’ve accumulated a bit of social debt to my roommate who’s been kind enough to ferry my visually impaired self around so I’m not often behind the wheel of a car. In order to pay off this debt and satisfy my craving for bulgalbi, I decide to take him to lunch at a local Korean restaurant.

A few minutes after ordering our meal, one of the waitstaff drops off a set of sushi rolls. The words “Sorry, we didn’t order this” die on my lips, because they’ve been known to drop off the occasional complimentary roll, even if it is usually the kind of thing that goes to a larger table. Especially two rolls worth. The waitress walks away. This is officially a TABLE GIFT.

Continue reading

A Series of Unfortunate Eyevents

Another update on my post surgical condition. Left eye is healing slowly, but steadily. It’s got enough recovered that I’m able to basically function, though reading text can be hard so I’m still not terribly active on slack or twitter yet.

Right eye is being troublesome. It’s mostly healed, but it’s inflamed. This latest follow-up, the doc said fun things like sub-corneal clouding, and needing a post-op epi removal so that they can treat the inflammation if they can confirm it’s been healed over.

On one hand, big kudos to the dedication of the team for working with me on this. On the other hand, I’m anxiously awaiting putting this all behind me.

More to come, helpfully something good.

Typing into the void

Hey everyone!

Quick update here. As most of you know, I went in for laser eye surgery on Thursday, so have been offline as far as any type of text communication. The particular brand of surgery I got was ASA (advanced surface ablation) which is an updated version of PRK. While everything seems to be healing ok, I’m still not at 100% eyesight yet (so excuse any typos) but I am alive and well and seem to be through the worst of the side effects. I’ll have a better update in a day or two once things fully return to normal. That’l also be when I can see any of your comments.

Turns out I get really bored without any text communication in my life, or TV or video games. Hope y’all are having a great weekend and a good day. Eyes are getting pretty tired now, so I think I’m going to wrap it up here.