Music Monday: Hairy Soul Man’s “Fuck Everything”

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the last Music Monday of May! (Which may be the last music monday, depending on how good I am on keeping up with this). Anyway, if this is what I go out on, I think it’s got a certain poetry.

This week’s track is “Fuck Everything” by Hairy Soul Man. Some of you might be thinking “Wow, Fred, that’s vulgar and/or goes against the general theme of positivity that we’ve come to expect over the last few weeks” and to that I say “Okay, maybe, but hear me out” by which I mean, give the song a listen. It’s nihilism at its best, with a catchy beat. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself humming “Fuck everything, fuck it on down a hill” when you least expect it.

On a production note, I have to say that they manage to do a pretty great job with limited sets/props/costumes. So Kudos on that.

As always, let me know what you think in the comments below. Have I gone to far? Have I not gone far enough? Is this something I should keep doing? Is anyone even reading these questions?


My life in 3D

Hey folks! It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on my eyes, so here we go.

Things are ok. Not great, but a lot better than they could be. My left eye is near perfect (20/20 yah!) but right eye is being a stubborn jerk and all the eyedrops in the world didn’t seem to have much of an impact.

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Music Monday: Japandroids “Near to the Wild Heart of Life”

Hey folks! Happy (or equivalent) Monday!

This week’s track is the creative anthem by Japandroids, the tweet-killingingly-long-titled “Near to the Wild Heart of Life”. It’s a really rockin’ song about a singer leaving town to pursue his dreams, surprisingly with the support of pretty much everyone in his life. It’s one of the most absurdly positive songs I’ve heard in a long time and I love it.

Some of you might thinking “Fred, you love every song you post here,” and that’s right. I’m not going to post a song just to hatefuck it. These are songs that I like. I liiiiiiiiike.

Anyway, I couldn’t find a video that would stream from the blog, so instead I’m including a link to their bandcamp page. If you’re going to have to click anyway, you might as well click to the source.

Hope you enjoy it, but either way, let me know what you think!


Music Monday: No More Kings “Sweep the Leg”

This week’s Monday starts off a little differently than most. Normally, I include a video for the song just to make it easier for you to watch. I’ve also, up until now, been including songs that have come out in the last year or so.

The song is “Sweep the Leg” by No More Kings. Released all the way back in 2005. This song is a ballad about the tragic tale of Johnny Lawrence from the Karate Kid, in what I can best describe as the style of Maroon 5.  I’m a little sad I’m only finding about it now.

Now, the video for this song is part of what makes it so great. It’s directed by and also stars William Zabka, better known as Johnny Lawrence. He plays a washed up version of himself confronting a karate pizza boy. It’s as amazing as it sounds, but fair warning, the music doesn’t kick in until the 3 min mark.

Anyway, hope you folks get the same kick out of it that I did! Let me know what you think in the comments or on twitter!